Dragoljub Katunac
Dragoljub Katunac





Dragoljub Katunac is a musicologist, pianist and art historian. He achieved full professor status on Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. In 1984 he achieved his magisterium degree with an art history work „Sonata Development until Romanticism“, and then reached a PhD title with a monographic book „Scarlatti’s Sonata” (published by Savremena Administracija, Belgrade, 1990). He has began his professional work with monumental historical units: „Frederik Chopin – The Life and Work“ (1973, co-author), „Impressionism“ (1974), „The Piano in a World of Music“ (1977). Between 1972-1978 he managed to publish six musical albums in Belgrade daily newspaper „Politika“. First of them, published in 1972, named „Musical Creators in Serbia“ consists of 46 sequels and covers historical span between Jozef Slezinger and modern music, (with appropriate fotos and wider text), while last of them, published in 1978 and named „Common Musicianship – Chamber Music“ consists of 20 sequels.

As a long term professor-lecturer, he was initiator of widely set up audio-visual musical presentations viewed as a contemporary form of educational stimulations. He realized more then two hundered presentations in ex Yugoslavia and today Republic of Serbia. From 1979-1989 he was a leader of international UNESCO project whose goal was to classify and process Vivaldi’s legacy found in recent history.

For the working time on Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, he was a full time professor teaching general history of art and history of pianism. Between 1998 and 2002, with assistance of National Television in Novi Sad, he produced six half-hour shows that process complete stream of historical oscillations of piano performance, first such shows to be seen in our region. He has been explored various aspects and characters in the past and presence of musicology. His special field of interest is world and Serbian past piano performance scene and he owns precious archive material in this domain. His book „Piano music of Miloje Milojevic“ was published in 2004 by Belgrade publisher „Clio“, while his capital monography in italian language „Sonata for Keyboard Instruments in Italy“ was published in Milan in 2006.

So far he managed to publish considerable number of scientific and publicist units, and he also participated in many radio and TV shows.

Currently, a five year plan that encompass ‘three days 24 hours’ lasting verification seminars is nearing the end. Those are designed for professors and dedicated to studying piano tendencies of famous composers – Mendelssohn, Schuman, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy and other french autors, and of course famous russian composer Rachmaninoff and his fellow contemporaries.