Belgrade Chopin Fest is an international cultural and educational event which popularizes classical music, and presents to the public one of the greatest composers in the history of music known as the Poet of the pianoFrederic Chopin.
Belgrade Chopin Fest is organized since 2012. by artistic society KREARTIVA,  with the Embassy of Republic of Poland in Belgrade as general sponsor, suported by Secretariat for culture of the city of Belgrade, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Representative Office of Republika Srpska in Serbia, some urban municipalities of Belgrade and other friends of the Festival.
The forerunner of the Festival is Šopenijada, respectable, Belgrade Revue of young piano talents, with the existence from 1990, as first event in the Balkas dedicated to Frederic Chopin, where performed many significant Serbian pianists.
Project Belgrade Chopin Fest includes a variety of activities: Piano Revue for talents, Master classes, concerts, lectures, music and dance workshops …
Belgrade Chopin Fest presents work of the great composer and the influence of his music on later composers. It is also the view of Chopin as an eternal inspiration in the overall contemporary forms of cultural expression.
Belgrade Chopin Fest is the concept of promoting young piano talents all around Serbia and region, within Concert series named Echoes, continuously throughout the year.