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Silvana Grujic has graduated piano and musicology from the Faculty of Music Arts, and reached her magisterium degree on Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, in film and media department.

She is a long term director, author and host of different shows in Music section on Serbian National Television (RTS), and is engaged as a commentator in various international concerts and big musical events, such as Vienna Philharmonic New Year concert, Summer Night Concents in Schönbrunn, Euro Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Silvana Grujić is an author and a host of „AD LIBITUM“ show that is a part of regular broadcasting scheme on National Television for fourteen years in total. Main feature of this show is nurturing quality music in various genres (classic, jazz, ethno, popular and other music). Artists (orchestras, ensembles and soloists) perform almost exclusively live in a tv studio, while tv reports that are made in advance and shown in paralell to the audience, present current concerts and depict the artists.

Silvana Grujić is an author and producer of the show called „Multimedia music workshop“ whose goal is to improve music culture teaching starting with the children’s preschool days, where a special accent is put on the lectures and workshops decicated to the early music stimulation (from pregnancy, first days of a newborn, up to all kindergarden levels). Participators of this programe (seminar) are teachers, tutors, lecturers, music culture teachers in ground schools, various associates and of course, music school teachers from all over Serbia. Silvana Grujić has held many active workshops in above area in various cultural institutions – in Children Cultural Center within the ceremony „Child plus“ in Belgrade, in the Children Cultural Center in Majdan, in the „City of Happiness Sensa“, working with babies, kids, parents and mothers to be. She also has a special lecture called „Music for the Happy Moms“ that is dedicated exclusively to the all future moms. For the purpose of such worksops and corresponding programs implementaion, Silvana Grujić cooperates with the co-worker Marijanom Milošević Simić, who is graduated music pedagogue.

From the program called  „Multimedia music workshop“ that has been realized in different centers in Serbia during the last four years, many other programs has stemmed out, such as „Contemporary methods of music study in different phases of child development“, „Reaching the Knowledge Through Games Playing“, and also a special program dedicated to practical work in media called „Music presence and application in media“.

In May 2013, Silvana Grujić took a part on MHEI Forum in Acadamy of Arts in Novi Sad, as a member of National Televison RTS team for the Tempus implementation. She also exhibited her works in area of choreogrphic movement in televison media on scientific gathering FILUM in Kragujevac, Serbia.