20 – 25. FEBRUARY

Festival activities



Charity concert – YOUNG PIANISTS

20.02, The Festival Opening Ceremony, The Belgrade City Assembly, 20:00

Viktor Radić (Serbia), Vedran Janjanin (Croatia)

These young pianists are winners of Belgrade Chopin Fest Piano competitions in 2015 and 2016, and also won significant awards at international piano competitions. The concert is organized in cooperation with the Rotary Club Beograd – Stari grad, to support the charity campaign “To be born healthy”, initiated by two Pančevo Rotary clubs. The funds are intended for the purchase of 4D ultrasound equipment for the maternity hospital in Pančevo. Thus Festival continues the tradition of charity activities in the field of culture and art.


Viktor Radić

J.S. Bach – Partita No. 3, a-minor: Fantasy, Alemanda, Courante, Sarabande, Burlesque, Scherzo, Gigue

F. Chopin – Scherzo no. 3, c-sharp minor, Op. 39


Vedran Janjanin

F. Chopin – 4 mazurkas op. 67, No. 1, 2, 3 and 4
F. List – Mephisto Waltz



22.02, Piano Recital, Kolarac Concert Hall, 20:00

24.02, Piano Recital, The First Grammar School of Kragujevac, Kragujevac, 20:00

Winner at major international piano competitions: 3rd prize at the Busoni Competition 2013, finalist of the International Piano Competitin Queen Elizabeth in 2016, and laureate of the International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw 2015.


W.A  Mozart: Sonata no. 11, A – major
S. Taneev: Prelude and Fugue  g – sharp minor
A. Scriabin: Sonata No. Fantasy.
F. Liszt: Mephisto Waltz No.1, Rondo  c – Minor

F. Chopin:

Nocturne op 9 no. 2;

3 Mazurkas Op. 59;

Scherzo no. 2, b – minor, op.31;

Polonaise A flat -major, op. 53


RITA KINKA (Serbia) – Piano Recital, 23.02, The Belgrade City Assembly, 20:00


L. van Beethoven: Sonata E-flat major, op.10
F. Chopin: Sonata b – minor, op.35
F. Schubert: Carnival, op.9



Small school of BontonHow to listen to Chopin – 25.02, Kolarac Concert Hall, 11:00

Small school of Bonton – How to listen to music is an educational program of the Centre for Music of Kolarac , designed for children of aged  5 to 10 years. Host of the program, is Miloš Milovanović. Chopin compositions are performed by Marija Radovic – piano, Martina Miler – violin and Iva Milošević – Flute.


Music Workshop and Concert  – Romanticism for the youngest
Music studio Little Piano – 24.02, Children Cultural Center  Majdan, House of King Peter, 17:00

Kristina Davidovic Simic, music educator, author, within the workshop brings together children aged 4 -12 years. In Serbian and English language  teacher represents to children the character and work of F. Chopin. The children, together with the professor, play at piano the simple musical examples from Chopin’s compositions. Also, with the use of improvised children’s instruments, children points to the basic concepts of music (rhythm, tone, dynamics …) and indicates the special attention to the beauty of the romantic melodies in the works of Frederic Chopin.
Registration for the workshop on: mail, Free admission.


Music Workshop for Children – Music and Sensibility
25.02, International Centre for Music Eva, Dr. Vojislav Stojanović 21a, 14:00

Piano pedagogues Vesna Radić and Ana Rančić, the authors of the workshop, gather at the International Centre for Music Eva, children aged from 5 to 12 years, and discover what kids full of imagination, can see and feel listening to a live performance of the music of Frederic Chopin and music by composers appreciated by Chopin .
Romantic ideal of expressing feelings in works of  “piano poet” – F. Chopin,  as one of the major representatives of the Romantic era in music, inspired  the authors of workshops, for children to play compositions by F. Chopin and his contemporaries, and illustrate that way what by creating and listening to music can be felt … The workshop is interactive type, bilingual – in Serbian and English.
Registration for the workshop on e-mail, Free Admission.



Chopin ob Session – 20.02, Mixer House, 18:00

Chopin obSession is premier poetic – musical homage to Piano poet, Frederic Chopin, for all lovers of Chopin’s music. More than 40 young pianists and artists perform the most popular Chopins compositions in a relaxed atmosphere of the Mikser Haus club, in unusual instrumental and vocal arrangements with lyrics of romantic poetry, performed by students of Drama, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, class Prof. Srđan Karanović.


Meeting the artist – 23.02, Artget Gallery, Kultural Cetrer Beolgrade, 10:30

Open program, which presents pianist Dmitry Shishkin to professional and wider audience in an informal way. Program Moderator is Dragomir Bratić, pianist and piano pedagogue, and President of the Piano section of Belgrade music schools and Director of the Republican Competition of music schools of Serbia.