The Artistic Association KREARTIVA from Belgrade, is a non-profit association, established for an indefinite period of time, to achieve the purposes in the fields of culture, arts and education, and also to cherish and promote a cultural heritage, and follow modern trends in these areas.

The Association is intended to:

  • promote and realize projects in the fields of culture, arts and education
  • realize education, exchange of knowledge, practice and experience, as well as introduction to related activities in national and international developments in the field of culture, art and education
  • find and contribute to development of young talents, and related to this, The Association establishes and promotes various forms of professional cooperation with relevant organizations and competent ministries
  • promote its work through performances at concerts, festivals and competitions
  • organize professional meetings, seminars, workshops and other forms of education in the fields of culture, arts and education, independently or in cooperation with other organizations
  • organize its members (teachers and other experts) for the education of children and youth in the field of culture and arts
  • cooperate with cultural and educational institutions, expert associations and other organizations, in the country and abroad, that deal with cultural and artistic activities
  • take the initiative and realizes activities in order to promote and popularize all kinds of art
  • encourage the creation of needs for cultural – artistic content and develop awareness of the importance and role of culture in modern society.

KreARTiva is the organizer of the International Belgrade Chopin Fest, and concert cycle “Echoes”, in Serbia as well as in the region, on which some young piano talents and affirmed pianists are represented.