Music school Stankovic is located at 1a Kneza Miloša Street in Belgrade. It was founded in 1911. under patron of king Petar the First. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in Belgrade. When founded it the school was a part of Singing society “Stanković”, established on 1881. It was named after Serbian composer, precentor and pianist Kornelije Stankovic, the first one who introduced basic harmonic notes of Serbian folk and spiritual compositions.

Many famous musicians attended this school and many significant pedagogues and music experts such as Meri Žeželj, couple Binički, Branko Cvejić, Vojislava Vuković-Terzić, Aleksandar Živanović, Aleksandar Pandurović and others where the professors of this school.

The school always stud up thanks to quality of its students and teacher, and many awards and recognitions confirm that fact. First director was Stanislav Binički. At that time school offered classes of piano, vocal art, violin, solfeggio and music theory. Hinko Marzinac became director in 1921. and he introduced new subjects, and Petar Krstić, director since 1923, formed teacher’s section. Great changes happened in 1925. New director Petar Stojanović establishes sections for drama and opera, chamber music, choir classes, student’s orchestra and evening courses for adults. Emil Hajek, director since 1929, provided for school the status of conservatory. In period of 10 years, from 1937. to 1947, director Milenko Živković changes and broadens teaching plan and establishes new school section in Zemun, these days know as Music school “Kosta Manojlović”. After World War II, since 1947, school is under the state supervision and ownership and it is ranked as music high school. In 1993, section for jazz music was formed, and it was the first jazz music section in entire region of South-eastern Europe.





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